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We're Serious About Safety

Here at Avid Edge, we take workplace safety and safety products seriously. We keep up with the latest changes in workplace health and safety procedures and standards, and stock all the necessary safety gear your business needs to minimise risk and keep your workers safe while on the job.

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Safety Capabilities

Avid Edge are proud to have dedicated safety specialists who can provide expert advice on how you can improve your workplace’s safety record and keep your people safe. Everything from specialised hearing protection to safety storage cabinets and eyewash stations, our team can help. So contact us today to organise an obligation free consultation.


Arc Flash & FR Protection

Avid Edge can supply a full range of Arc Flash safety gear and FR clothing to help make sure that your workplace is compliant with OHS standards.


Safety Gloves

Avid Edge have a comprehensive range of hand protection including work gloves designed and tested for specific industries and tasks.


Workwear & Safety Clothing

Avid Edge supply a huge range of Workwear safety garments developed and tested to meet stringent industry standards and deliver work, health and safety (WHS) solutions.


Head Protection

Avid Edge supply head safety equipment in Hi-Vis for visual identification and designed for hearing protection for noise levels to 116dB(A).


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Safety Signage

Safety signage placed in strategic areas of the workplace is essential to ensuring strict compliance with safety measures and regulations, and helps minimise accidents. Avid Edge supply safety signage in almuinium, PVC and durable corflute durable material in a variety of designs including prohibitive and danger signs (i.e., ‘No Entry’, ‘No Smoking’, ‘Danger’ etc), warning signs (i.e., yellow and amber coloured hazard or caution signs, typically used to warn people or heavy machinery operating in a particular area, or of the presence of hazardous chemicals or substances in the vicinity), mandatory signs (to denote that PPE equipment is required to be worn, or special procedures need to be followed before or after entering the area), as well as first aid and emergency exit signs (to indicate escape routes and equipment), and fire safety signs (indicate the presence of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire hoses, and fire doors).


Spill Equipment & Material Handling

When it comes to handling spills at the workplace, you need to the have the right supplies and equipment on hand in order to make sure all hazardous and harmful substances are properly controlled and contained without causing harm to the surrounding environment or putting people at risk. Avid Edge can supply a broad selection of spill safety equipment ranging from transport spill kits and wheelie bins, asbestos bags, and commercial and industrial absorbents, to mini booms, and spill barriers. Quality material handling equipment is even more important for organisations that deal with hazardous chemicals and substances, as even the smallest spills and leaks can be harmful to both your personnel and the environment. Avid Edge can offer a wide range of material handling products such as heavy duty work platforms and ladders, drum storage and transport systems, and other essential site equipment.


Fire Safety Equipment

It is vital to have a fire safety and evacuation plan in the workplace. Make sure all escape routes and emergency exits are clearly marked, that there are an ample number of fire extinguishers available through the building designed for use in your particular industry, and inspect your fire extinguishers regularly to keep them in good working condition. Avid Edge can supply fire extinguishers for all classes of fire, and safety signage and other equipment to ensure that all employees can evacuate your building site safely.


Visual Warning Products

Visual warning products allow you to mark out areas and zones or alert people to possible dangers in their immediate surroundings, and is one of the most effective ways of reducing accidents and injuries in the workplace, limiting the need for constant supervision. Once in place, these visual warning products are designed to be clearly visible from a distance and even in low-light conditions. Avid Edge can supply a large range of visual warning products including special line marking paint and machines (which can be easily applied on different surfaces from concrete and bitumen to steel and timber), floor marking tape, anti-slip tape, solid coloured and striped reflective tape, wet floor safety signs, coloured plastic chains, safety A Frames, and large floor graphics.


Safety Mirrors

Safety mirrors and their curved surfaces are able to provide a wider field of view compared to flat mirrors. Domed or convex safety mirrors are extremely useful at preventing collisions when placed along strategic locations such as blind corners in driveways, car parks and alleyways where oncoming cars and pedestrians tend to be hidden from view. Forklift operators working in factories and warehouses can also avoid crossing paths with oncoming foot traffic and other obstructions with the aid of well-placed safety mirrors. Safety mirrors can also be used for security and surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on areas that are not in your line of sight such as unguarded doorways and exits. Avid Edge can supply stainless steel and acrylic wall and ceiling mounted safety mirrors in a range of different sizes and viewing distances, for use in all kinds of retail, commercial and light industrial applications.


First Aid Kits

Ensure your workplace is ready to respond to critical medical emergencies and accidents with our wide selection of fully up-to-code first aid and specialised emergency response kits (including wall mounted first aid stations suitable for treating between 25-100+ workers, portable first aid kits, and remote first aid kits, as well as emergency burn stations, eye wash stations, and snake bite kits), first aid kit consumables, refills and other essential medical supplies for the workplace. Always ensure your first aid and emergency kits are fully stocked and ready for use, as you never know when an unexpected emergency will occur.

Health & Hygiene Equipment

Cleanliness in the workplace has many direct and indirect benefits to employee well being, engagement and productivity, as well as to the upkeep of your assets and the overall financial performance of your organisation. Keep your workplace hygienic and your workers healthy and motivated with our extensive selection of sanitation, personal care and industrial hygiene products, including hand sanitiser dispensers, sunscreens, barrier creams, insect repellents, and anti-fatigue safety mats.


Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Avid Edge offers an extensive range of personal fall protection equipment and products for permanent fall protection including harnesses, ropes, carabiners, fall arresters, horizontal anchor systems, climbing protection ladders, anchor points, protective clothing and abseiling and rescue equipment.

Safety: Products

Your Partner in Safety


Our specialist team provide you with the right safety solutions, ensuring they are fit for purpose, fully safety compliant and delivered on time so your staff are fully protected.


Our range of safety gear is sourced from the leading local and global manufacturers to ensure you receive the highest quality and effectiveness.


We are trusted suppliers to leading companies in industries such as mining, construction, building, oil and gas, manufacturing, energy, warehousing, and logistics.

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