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Arc Flash & FR Safety Gear

Avid Edge can supply a full range of Arc Flash safety gear and FR clothing to help make sure that your workplace is compliant with OHS standards. Ensuring that your staff has adequate flame and fire protection and that your equipment has the right safety features for your specific workplace significantly reduces the risk of a member of your team being affected by a long term burn injury. Moreover, having Arc Flash and FR gear in the workplace can also encourage a culture of safety. As such, it is important to maintain a strict workwear policy that keeps everyone on task and hyper-aware of the safety risks at hand. Maintaining a culture of safety and encouraging awareness can help provide protection against flash fire and arc flash events.

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Arc Flash Gear Capabilities

Avid Edge now supply a new range of Arc Flash PPE gear developed and rigorously tested by Australian based manufacturer of quality safety gear and PPE, Elliotts. The brand new ArcSafe® X50 range includes a state-of-the-art Lift Front hood as well as a traditional arc flash hood, which both include the new grey-coloured highly transparent face shield that allows for full colour recognition. The X50 range also includes arc flash jackets, coats, trousers and leggings, as well as inherently flame resistant gloves.

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Arc Flash Switching Jackets, Coats & Trousers

ArcSafe® X50 Jackets, Coats and Trousers are made from high visibility orange etek™ NXT™ and T-Gard® III Plus thermal liner with an ATPV 52 PPE4 (HRC4). This new lightweight system is ideal for hot conditions and wicks moisture away from the body improving wearer comfort. The ergonomic design of the jacket & coats also includes an action back, underarm gussets and articulated sleeves for a greater range of movement and improved comfort levels.

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Arc Flash Switching Hoods

The ArcSafe® X50 ranges includes the new ArcSafe Lift Front face shield which allows easy and quick access to fresh air and release of built up heat and carbon dioxide and has an integrated hard hat. Other features include:

  • A large toric window ensures; superior peripheral vision, reduces internal glare, can be worn with prescription glasses/eyewear without distortion and reduces eye stress and strain.

  • Transparent chin protector allows the user a wide field of view, excellent downward vision and the ability to check one's footing.

  • The nanoparticle formula ensures the performance of the shield is not negatively affected when scratched.

  • Abrasion-resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior.

  • The hood includes front and side air vents for indirect ventilation when the face shield is closed.

  • Auditory ports allow for auditory communication through side ports and front ports when the face shield is closed.

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Arc Flash Switching Leggings & Gloves

The ArcSafe® X50 Arc Switching Leggings are made from orange etek™ NXT™ and T-Gard® III Plus thermal liner, ideal for hot conditions, and the ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash Switching Gloves are inherently flame resistant, providing protection against electrical arc flash, and flash fire.

Arc Flash & FR Safety Gear: Products

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FR Gear Capabilities

It is a common misconception that flame resistant (FR) clothing is only worn by firefighters or the petroleum industry. Flame resistant clothing is vital to many industries, not just those directly affected by fire. Complacency can sometimes be the bigger risk factor leading to a workplace injury, regardless of the industry, or the known result of an injury.

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FR Jackets & Coveralls

Our range of FR jackets and coveralls are made from 48% modacrylic. The fibre has the ability to combine flame retardancy with a relatively low density, meaning protective gear is not uncomfortably heavy.

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FR Work Shirts

The Avid Edge range of FR work shirts from Elliotts feature electrical arc flash & flash fire protection, while also being extremely comfortable to wear. They are constructed from a tri-blend that is 48% modacrylic; the key ingredient that protects workers from severe burns.

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Fire Retardant Trousers

Avid Edge's range of FR trousers are constructed from a tri-blend that is 48% modacrylic; a synthetic copolymer that is inherently flame resistant. Although it burns when directly exposed to flame, it doesn’t melt or drip and is self-extinguishing when the flame is removed. Modacrylics also have outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents, are not attacked by moths or mildew, and are non-allergenic.

Arc Flash & FR Safety Gear: Products

Your Trusted FR Gear Supplier


Our specialist team provide you with the right FR and PPE solutions, ensuring they are fit for purpose, fully safety compliant and delivered on time so your staff are fully protected.


Elliotts range of Arc Flash PPE has been rigorously tested and designed with a focus on not only the protection, but also the comfort of the end user.


We are trusted suppliers to leading companies in industries such as mining, construction, building, oil and gas, manufacturing, energy, warehousing, and logistics.

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